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Q. How do we get the Photo Booth to our event?

A. Our booth is completly portable, it breaks down into a few bags, We come to you set up and dismantle after the event. We just require a floor space of 8ft x 3ft and an electicity supply and we are good to go.


Q. Does it come with an attendant?

A. Absolutely! The attendant will be there for the duration of the Photo Booth hiring ensuring that your guests have the most fun possible


Q. Does it come with props?

A. We have a massive range of props - wigs, hats, glasses, feather boas, masks, necklaces and inflatables. Over 70 and still counting.


Q. How does the Photo Booth work?

A. You touch the touchscreen and four pictures are taken 5 seconds apart.  The pictures are then printed seconds later outside the booth.


Q. How long can I hire the Photo Booth for?

A. As long as you require - we can hire from 3 hours but you can have additional hours if required.


Q. When do we get the pictures?

A. Your guests receive a copy of their picture seconds after taking them. We can copy the pictures to USB stick right after the event or we can upload to dropbox or post you a disk. You can order additional photos, to be printed on the night, for either yourself or guests. 

Q, What is the Slideshow about?

A. We will set your pictures from the night to your favourite song(s) and then upload to YouTube. This means you can then text or email the slideshow to friends and family all over the world. We can also take pictures of your guests waiting to get into the booth and coming out - these will capture the spontanous atmosphere of the night, The slideshow brings another dimension to your event allowing your guests to relive the night and see all the fun the other users had.  ​


Q. How many people can fit into the Photo Booth?

A. Up to 8 people at a time can fit in the booth. The attendant on hand will make sure it is used safely at all times.


Q. Can we personalise the pictures?

A. Absolutely - we highly reccomend it. Just give us the picture/logo/text that you require and we will do the rest.

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